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Mindset Analysis

Analyse your customers' mindsets
  • Shows the individual perception of different subjects (eg. ecology, entrepreneurship)

  • Mindset portrays psychological models existing in a society

  • Reveals a variety of consumer behaviours

  • Describes attitudes, beliefs and convictions

Consumer Insights

Get insights about your customers
  • What are the expectations, needs, sentiments and concerns?

  • What are the perceptions about the brand?

  • What are the emerging trends and opportunities?

  • What are the visible signs of consumer satisfaction/dissatisfaction?

  • What are the common behavioural patterns?

Consumer Journey

Analysing the consumer’s mindset during the purchasing process
  • When does the consumer realize the need for a product?

  • What are the pertinent factors that trigger the purchase?

  • What are the blocking factors of a consumer’s purchase strategy?

  • How is consumer’s experience as a client post purchase?

  • What is the consumer feedback about customer service?

Consumer Journey

CRM Enrichment

Build value on mindsets and consumer insights for your database

We enrich the CRM Internal Database with unstructured data by Mindset Segments and centers of interest